Dragon trailers

As the last step in this perfect creation, we present to you our aluminium trailers completely compatible with your boat, both in terms of material and appearance. Colours are adjusted to the boat’s design and can be customized according to the buyer’s wishes. In terms of technical characteristics, the material and manufacturing technology were carefully selected, resulting in a lower centre of gravity and elimination of vibrations enabling stability in movement as well as a completely calm and relaxed drive to the destination. Trailers are equipped with a contemporary water-proof LED system, completely safe for the user, which need not be removed to lower the boat and haul it from shallow water. Massive side fenders are also steps for entering the boat.



    • IP86 water-proof standard electrical installations
    • Spare wheel
    • Manual winch
    • Side leads (AISI316)
    • Auto-collapsible support wheel
    • Overrun brake
    • Hand parking brake
    • Central anti-slip track

Trailer 510-550:

    • Length (mm): 6700
    • Width (mm): 2550
    • Number of axles: 1
    • Trailer weight (kg): 320
    • Maximum allowed weight (kg): 1350

Trailer 620-680:

  • Length (mm): 7750
  • Width (mm): 2550
  • Number of axles: 2
  • Trailer weight (kg): 450
  • Maximum allowed weight (kg): 2700