Dragon Aluminum Boats


It is a great privilege and pleasure to do what you love. This idea is precisely where the company “Metal Pezelj” stems from. We are boating and fishing enthusiasts who appreciate a quality time spent in nature, in quiet and in good company for a repeatable and complete experience. This requires the installation of appropriate, mutually compatible, equipment. After this has been achieved, rest assured you will be enjoying a complete, intense and durable experience which is our greatest satisfaction and reference. Years of experience, education and acquired knowledge, together with the passion for the business, makes it possible both for us and for our clients to enjoy each step of the process. The company developed and specialised in two main directions. The first one is mechanical metalworking and the other arose from the first one over time due to technology development - boat production. This means all-in-one service: consultations, designing and building a wide range of boats. As a certified TUV partner, our team, together with our subcontractors and external associates, has already proven its worth on the most demanding projects of this type. Our team of experts will respond to your requirements in a professional manner.



There are currently 4 standardized versions of aluminum hull with variable thickness lengths from 4.70m to 6.80m


Outboard motors

The second step gives the best choice to your drive. We offer Yamaha, Suzuki, Mercury and Honda engines.



Depending on the way and application of your boat, we fully adapt to you as a user, so we offer a wide range of accessories without restrictions.